07 Feb

PEAR down – Taking Horde to Composer

Since Horde 4, the Horde ecosystem heavily relied on the PEAR infrastructure. Sadly, this infrastructure is in bad health. It’s

21 Okt

Current (10/2018) Tumbleweed on Raspberry Pi 1

Hallo, I just had a little struggle getting the current tumbleweed to run on the original Raspberry Pi (first generation,

30 Sep

horde trustr – A new horde CA app step by step

Trustr is my current project to create a simple certificate management app. I decided that it is just about the

12 Mrz

Why upstream rejects patches

I held „12 Gründe, warum dein Patch immer abgelehnt wird“ (12 top reasons why upstream rejects your patches) at Chemnitzer

16 Dez

Boneyard – a barebone horde „dynamic view“ app based on „skeleton“.

Boneyard – a barebone horde „dynamic view“ app based on „skeleton“. In this article, I will show you some minimal

07 Dez

Horde_Rdo Many to Many relations and Horde DB Migrator

Many to Many relations btween to object types or table rows are usually saved to a database using a third

31 Dez

Thimbleweed Park angekündigt

Ron Gilbert, der Mann, der uns Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island (1+2) und Total Annihilation brachte, hat zusammen mit Gary Winnick

23 Jul

Sara Golemon (Facebook) announces PHP Language Specification for OSCON 2014

For more than 10 years, PHP core developers repeatedly raised the topic of providing a formal language specification for PHP.

23 Jul

Sara Golemon (Facebook) kündigt PHP Language Specification auf OSCON 2014 an

Seit über 10 Jahren bringen immer wieder einige der PHP-Sprachentwickler den Plan an, eine formale Spezifikation für den Sprachkern bereitzustellen.

17 Jul

Perl: Semantic Version Sorting via callback puts betas before releases (empty string after text)

Semantic Versioning Semantic program versions are a great help in administration life: When done right, they help you identify if

10 Jan

Horde Recipe: Storing the last login language

A simple Horde Hook to store the last chosen login value in a user preference. You can use this for

22 Nov

SLES 11: Upgrading mysql from SP2 to SP3

Under some condition, mysql is not able to restart after an upgrade from SLES11 SP2 to SLES11 SP3. The output

26 Sep

Die Wahlfälscher-Angst: Warum die Sorgen der AfD unbegründet sind

Am 22. September 2013 wählten die Deutschen den neuen Bundestag mit sensationellem Ergebnis: Erstmals in ihrer Geschichte ist die FDP

12 Aug

I managed to bring large file uploads into PHP 5.6

A colleague of mine recently faced difficulties to upload large opensource DVD images (>4G) into ownCloud during a demonstration. After

09 Aug

Horde starts Crowdfunding for IMP Multi-Account feature: Funded after a week

Michael Slusarz of Horde LLC started a crowdfunding experiment: He offered a 3000 $ project at to back up